The Difference You’re Looking For

Semi-permanent/Cosmetic Tattoo makeup is not necessarily intended to replace cosmetics completely as the colour is placed "in" your skin, not "on" so a more natural, softer look results. For a night on the town or a different look is desired you apply as much additional makeup as you wish.  

All materials are sterile and disposable. Julie uses manual and digital technologies along with the Dixon Technique of intra dermal pigmentation. Only the best quality pigments and equipment is used. Our Coils, rotary and digital machines virtually eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. Internal diaphragms prevent fluid and airborne contaminates from entering the hand piece, therefore eliminating any chance of cross-contamination.  All needles, cartridges and handles are disposable.

In Queensland we are unable to supply topical Anaesthetic - please purchase from a Pharmacy - further details will be supplied on booking.

To re-do someone elses work requires me to do a brand new procedure and a consultation is required.  There may be additional fees to correct shape and colour & additional appointments needed.  Pricing will depend on corrective measures required.

Cosmetic Tattooing lasts anywhere from 6months upwards before requiring a colour refresh - this is dependant on many factors - a general idea is that the more natural the result, the sooner you will require a colour refresh.

Please note:  red heads/blondes with fair skin and light eyes will swell and reddden considerably, sometimes the pigment will not retain as well and  you may require additional procedures.

Darker skin types Fitzpatrick 3-6 please be aware that hair strokes will not be as visible as on lighter skin types.

We also do para-medical areolar restoration and Scalp Micropigmentation.  For more info on these services please contact us.


Your One-Stop-Shop


Powder Fill is sufficient for those with plenty of brow hairs, but those that still use shadow or pencil to create a polished look.  It is also the cornerstone for most brow treatments.

Hair stroke brows use featherlike strokes only with no background fill - this is perfect to fill scars or patchiness in the brow.  This is a very natural look & many people still wear powder over top.

Dimensional Brows Starts with a powder finish and finishes with hairstrokes that are so natural looking you will feel like you can move the hairs. Usually requires 3 visits and additional fees apply.  Please note: After 10 weeks your original fee will be charged.  The 2nd treatment is essential to the process​


$350 Hair stroke or Powder brows  & $150for the touch/perfection visit 4-8 wks later.

$350 Combination Brows (mixture of hairstrokes & powder or Ombre brows I& $175 retouch 4-

          8 wks later.  

$100 Minor touch up/3rd treatment when required up to 12 weeks from initial treatment.  The odd client might have trouble with their skin accepting pigment i.e. oily skin, or at the 2nd you decided to go bigger so pigment was implanted where none existed & may require minor work.


$250 Color Boost up to 12 months

$300 Color Boost 12-20 months

$350 Color Boost 20+ months

More Information


Appointments can be made via email or calling our clinic - an email address is required to book treatments so that we can send you the appropriate medical forms to read to ensure you are a suitable candidate.  Some procedures may require you to be on anti-viral medications prior to treatment.  This email will also have details on how to pay your deposit.

Once you have made your appointment you will have 24 hrs to process your deposit of $100 per area - either by paypal or direct deposit.  After this period if deposit is not received your appointment will be cancelled with no further contact.

Deposit is non-refundable without 48 business hours (not weekends) notice of change or cancellation or you will forfeit the deposit & a new deposit will  be required.

You will be supplied with a copy of post-care instructions that must be strictly adhered to.

I don't allow children on site for cosmetic tattoo treatments.  No other spouse/friend/significant other is allowed in the treatment room whilte I work.  I do not allow you to use  your mobile phone while I am working.  Please do not bring it on the bed.  You will be required to lay still and will not be able to check your phone or answer calls.  No exceptions.

​In Queensland it is illegal for me to supply topical anaesthetic - read your follow up email or purchase EMLA or LMX froma Pharmacy and apply 60mins prior to your appointment.



If you want topical anaesthetic you must purchase from the online Compound Pharmacy (link above) this will be send direct to my clinic.  for lips and/or brows you can also purchase EMLA or LMX5 from a pharmacy and apply it yourself 60mins PRIOR to arriving- you will be required to sign a consent on arrival for me to apply prior to your appointment.

If you apply topical anaesthetics to control discomfort,  you should still be expecting to feel something, some liken it to a rough eyeliner pencil or brow tweezing.  We then draw on the required shape and begin, more anaesthetic is applied as we work.  At the cessation of the treatment an aftercare barrier is applied.  You MUST adhere strictly to the instructions given to you.

Most procedures require 1-2 follow up appointments spaced monthly, there are many variables like some skin types may NOT hold the pigment as well as others & some people are perfectionists, while others easier to please - BOTH scenarios require more (or less) defining work.  Rome was not built in a day, and neither is permanent makeup.  Some clients want MORE, others want LESS, it is important that we DO NOT overwork the skin which will affect retention and healing, I want you to have beautiful, natural results and it ensures that the colour looks good IN your skin as well as ON.  Lighter colours are easier to adjust, if necessary.

On some occasions your body may not accept the colour, but we do not know this until we try.

If you need to you may take antihistamines prior to your appointment as it may reduce swelling and help you relax.  Xanax prescribed by a Doctor is OK if you are apprehensive about someone being close to your eyes.  Please ensure you are driven to and from your appointment.

Please wear darker, older clothing as pigment washes out of most fabrics, but better safe than sorry.


  • Sunscreen is recommended to keep your colour fresh & your skin looking younger.

  • Colour boosts/retouches are required anywhere from 6mths to 2 years to keep things looking fresh & new.

  • Avoid using chemical exfoliants on the area - AHA, glycolic, phenol acids, retin A, Retinol, fruit peels or bleaching creams.

  • Keep the area out of the sun and/or tanning beds.


You are the only one that knows  your true health - please be truthful when filling in your medical history.

  • Pregnant or nursing?  ALthough there is no evidence cosmetic tattooing affects babies we do not treat during this period.

  • Under 18?  Under special circumstances with parental consent.

  • On Accutane Retin A?  Topical steriods thin the skin.  Depending on the stage you are at, your skin may be too thin to proceed.  A Doctors note is required.

  • Presription Strength Meds that affect the dermal layer of skin?  No

  • Anticoagulates?  Blood Thinners.  Long term use of aspirin, ibuprofen and some herbs reduce clotting times, resulting in increased bleeding and bruising will effect the implantation of pigment & increase healing times.

  • Auto-immune disease?  Requires Doctors clearance.

  • Diabetic? Insulin Dependant means you are not a candidate as healing is compromised.  A Doctors clearance is required.

  • Glaucoma?  You cannot have eyeliner as the pressure of the procedure can be damaging.

  • Blood Disorders?  Such as haemophilia, sickle cell anemia and platelet disorders effect implantation of pigment, more treatments usually required.

  • Mitral Valve Prolapse, Artificial Heart Valves or Artificial Joints?  If you require prophylactic antibiotics before dental work you will require a Doctors clearance.

  • Heart Conditions?  Uncontrolled high blood pressure or poor general health require a Doctors clearance.

  • Herpes Simplex?  You MUST have a script for anti-virals for any lip service if you have ever had a coldsore.  You will lose all the colour in the area of cold sores.

  • Keloid or hypertrophic scarring?  You have the same risk with permanent makeup.

  • Epilepsy, Diabetes, Haemophilia or heart disease all require a Doctors clearance.

You must wait if you have had any eye surgey including lasik, cornea repair & scars for eyelifts/brow lifts need to be 6 months old.


  • Permanent makeup is skin invasive and you may experience some discomfort, this varies according to the individuals pain threshold.

  • You skin should return to normal relatively quickly as side effects such as swelling or bruising is generally mild

  • Allergic reactions are rare.  You may request a skin sensitivitiy test in an invisible area before to see how your skin reacts.

  • Needles inserted too deeply into skin can cause bleeding, spreading of pigment and damage to hair follicles.

  • Scarring is rare.

  • With proper hygiene and sterilisation permanent makeup is very safe.  We use disposable needles & casings and all disposable cups.

  • It is advisable not to pick or rub the treated area to minimize the risk of uneven results or possible infection.


Immediately after the procedure you skin under and around will have a reddish look because of the trauma to the skin, swelling and bruising may occur.

Your new makeup will appear very dark & precise.... and you may be wondering what you have done!  But relax, its a natural response.  So for now, don't fixate on what it looks like or you will just worry unnecessarily.  In around 3 or so days the colour will soften & appear much more natural.

Healing Phase: Most swelling subsides in 24-48 hrs and bruising within 3-4 days.  During this phase you must refrain from swimming and any activity that may allow bacteria to enter the wounds.

Outer Healing:  Outer layer is considered healed 5-7 days later or when the area has stopped peeling.

Inner Healing:  After a week or so things only appear healed.  This is because the body heals from the outside in.  That is why we do not treat the area any sooner than 4 weekly.  To do so can cause excessive scar tissue.

Brows:  usually insignificant swelling.

Eyeliner:  mild to moderate swelling occurs

Lips:  usually swell to varying degrees.

You may resume all normal activities (except swimming) as long as you keep the area clean and protect it from the sun.  "bephanthan or the after care given must be used 3x minimum daily until all healing has completed.


Before Eyeliner: 

  • Don't wear lash extensions to your appointment

  • Remove contact lenses prior and don't replace for 24 hours.  Remember to bring your glasses!

  • Bring sunglasses as your eyes will be sensitive.

  • Do no tint or perm you lashes for 48hrs prior

  • If you have had any type of eye surgery consult with your Doctor as to how long they want you to wait.

Before Eyebrows: 

  • Draw your brows on as you would normally do so I have an idea of what you like, take photos & bring to your appointment. I will draw on an esthetically pleasing brow custom designed for your face.

  • Do not tweeze, wax or tint brows for at least 2 weeks prior so I an see exactly what you have.

  • No electrolysis for at least 7 days.

Before Lips: 

  • If you have ever had even 1 coldsore you need an antiviral prescription from your Doctor.

  • Take L-Lysine for a week prior and 2 post treatment.

  • Lip Fillers?  Please ask your Practitioner how long to wait.  There is poor colour retention with fillers.  It is better to have fillers after lip tattoo.