Truly Exceptional Results

Gorgeous lash extensions tailored to your eye and face structure.  

Do you long for lushious lashes?  Or do your lash extensions feel uncomfortable?  Can you see clumps of glue and lashes stuck together?  For professional, comfortable, quality work - see us- the lash extension specialists.  We use a variety of curls, lengths, diameters - Silk and faux silk.

We offer a discounted rate to care for your brows at the same time - take advantage of a total eye make-over where we  expertly apply lash extensions then trim, design, wax, tweeze, tint & finish with a brow powder for a total brow makeover!

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1-3 lashes applied to lashes to add dimension and texture

$119.00  1-3 lashes (1D-3D) applied to most lashes 90mins

Maintenance for Combo lash Extensions

$65.00  45mins

$75.00  60mins

$99.00 75mins


*not every lash can carry the weight of 3D, 4D, 5D or 6D lashes so fine or baby lashes will have a lesser amount applied

$129.00  1-3 lashes (1D-5D) applied to most lashes 90mins

$159.00  Medium Fullness - mainly 3D lashes 90-120mins

Creates fullness, texture and dimension to lashes - time is dependant on the number of lashes & condition of lashes.

Maintenance for Volume Lashes

$75.00  Light refill - at least 70% of lashes left 60mins

$90.00  Medium refill - 70% left 75mins

$105.00 Heavy refill - 50% left 90mins

$120.00 Extra heavy/dense refill - 30-50% left 105mins

Less than 30% left means a new set & prices.

We also offer a Lash maintenance membership package of 2 infills plus one brow shape per month for $110 direct debited on the first of each month (or fortnightly)